Whole House Generators

Protect your family with a whole house, stand by generator from Elite.  Easily installed,  it will be your security blanket during the seasons bad weather.  It will be ready when you need it, and you, won’t be in the dark during power outages!   Basically you sit back and wait once the house goes dark, after 30 seconds it automatically kicks on, allowing power to systems you have chosen to connect for such occasions.  TV, Lights, Refrigerators, you name it.  Let us size one up for you today so you are ready for a harsh winter, or a stormy summer.  Turn key with no chords to run or trip over, and no dangerous build up of gases.  This is not your normal generator, this is the envy of the neighborhood.
Peace of mind, goes along way with an Eaton Generator installed by a professional installation team from Elite Heating and Air Conditioning.

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